Web Service and DCOM

Yesterday I spend the whole day exploring Web Services in .NET Framework
using VB.NET. I learn two things:

1. Since Web Service is based on SOAP its weakness is SOAP weakness.
SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. Its simplicity is
it’s strength also it’s weakness. When I want to sent some complex
objects using SOAP it barf and says “Serialization error”.
If my object is simple SOAP works but when my object gets a little complicated
it’s always barf. DCOM can send almost any complex objects created
in VB 6 without a fuss. Those who needs to send complex objects
within Windows Network should stick to DCOM. Those who needs to
send objects using SOAP should learn how to construct complex objects
out of simple objects.
2. The main working of SOAP are transforming Object data into XML and
transforming XML back into Object data. I found this process very
CPU intensive. I think this will be the biggest bottleneck of web services.
Bigger bottleneck than sending XML using HTTP. For those who don’t
have extra CPU power and bandwidth to spare SOAP is not for them.
DCOM is still a much more efficient protocol on CPU power and network

However in this interconnected world I think you cannot escape
and must implement Web Services sometimes.

Have Fun! 😉

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