NetBeans 6 a smooth upgrade from NetBeans 5.5

In my work I usually use NetBeans 5.5 with GlassFish 1. Actually I wanted to use GlassFish 2. Unfortunately GlassFish 2 is not compatible with NetBeans 5.5.

I know many people in their blogs suggest using GlassFish 2 with NetBeans 5.5.1 or 6.
But I do not want to mess my project setting by upgrading to NetBeans 6.
However many Sun engineers promote NetBeans 6 Preview. David Van Couvering is one of them :

NetBeans 6.0 Preview Release Available
. I had certain respect for Sun engineer (Sun engineer not Sun marketer. He he he.)
So I think what the heck. Let’s try NetBeans 6.0 Preview.

It turns out NetBeans 6.0 is a smooth upgrade from NetBeans 5.5. NetBeans 6.0
do not mess my project setting at all. I can switch my project back and forth
betweeen NetBeans 5.5 and 6 Preview with no problem at all.

Great work. Many thanks to NetBeans team which consists of many Sun engineers.
Of course this does not means NetBeans 6 Preview is ready for prime time.
NetBeans 6 Preview hangs several times at my first use which never happens
with NetBeans 5.5. But overall NetBeans 6 Preview is usable enough for me to do development
and trying out GlassFish 2.

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