Replacing Toplink Essentials with EclipseLink

EclipseLink is full version of TopLink donated
by Oracle to Eclipse foundation.
Full features of EclipseLink can be read in

TopLink Essentials is a subset of
TopLink donated by Oracle as JPA
reference implementation. Why the Essentials suffix?
Thats because full feature of TopLink is not in
TopLink Essentials. Only features necessary for
JPA implementation is in TopLink Essentials.

In Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3 EclipseLink will become
JPA reference implementation.

But we do not have to wait for Java EE 6 or
GlassFish 3 to be able to use EclipseLink
because EclipseLink is fully compatible with
TopLink Essentials. We can replace Toplink
Essentials with EclipseLink. How?

  1. Download and unzip EclipseLink from
  2. Add one line of text in your persistence.xml file.
    Add those line under persistence unit element.
  3. Add eclipselink.jar jar in jlib directory from
    EclipseLink installation into group of library
    used by your application.

Enjoy and learn the sophisticated features of EclipseLink.

JSF Chart Creator is good

Recently I needed a JSF charting component to display numbers from my application. After searching a while in Google I found JSF Chart Creator.

By adapting examples from it’s sample app I managed to use this component in a very short time. This is a good component. Highly recomended by me. The only shortcoming of this component is the download file does not include tag and java documentation. However the examples is good enough to get you started.