Stateful Web Service using HTTP Session and Cookies

I need to develop a stateful web service. Kohsuke and Scot is using
WS-Addressing to develop the web service.

Unfortunately this approach is not possible for me. Because many clients of my
web service will still be using ASP Classic, VB 6 and PHP. So I use HTTP Session
and cookies to develop my web service and web service client.

I already demo my approach at Indonesia Java User Meeting (JaMU) at
24 November 2007. I use the excellent duo NetBeans 6 and GlassFish 2 to develop
and deploy my web service. I use Spring beans with session scope to
store the web service state. For data access I use the iBatis.
The web service is developed using contract first approach:
Built the XSD, built the WSDL and then generate the web service
from WSDL using NetBeans 6 Wizard.

For this demo I create 2 web service client.
One is a web application using JSF web framework. This web application
use RichFaces and Facelets components. One is a .NET GUI application
developed using Visual Studio C# Express 2005.

In case anyone interested the demo can be downloaded from:

The license is Apache license so feel free to use it for commercial purpose.

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