Galileo Indonesia SMS Confirm

I just finished developing first application for my new employer. The application is a value added service for travel agents using Galileo GDS. Travel agents can
register passenger booking number in my application. The application will retrieve passenger reservation information and send SMS to passenger mobile number. The application provide template for travel agents
to customize SMS message. The application will also bill the travel agents monthly for the service.

I created this application using JSF , Spring Framework , iBatis , XML Select, ECS , CookXml, com4j , SMSLib, NetBeans and GlassFish. The hardest part is using XML Select to retrieve passenger reservation information from Galileo GDS and parse it into Java object. I have to create XML and parse XML. I use ECS to create the XML and CookXml to parse XML into Java object. XML Select is a COM object so I have to use com4j to access XML Select.

Functionally this application is simple. The hard part is integration with XML Select. I have to use com4j, ECS and CookXml libraries to integrate with XML Select. This application will be deployed using my favorite application server: GlassFish. Hopefully this application will pass internal test and deployed to customer soon.