Comparing Ruby and Java EE

A member of JUG-Indonesia is worried that Java EE jobs will be reduced greatly because Ruby on Rails is promoted very often. He says the books author From Java To Ruby create Java EE application in 4 months but using Ruby it takes only 4 days.

This truly makes me laugh. Comparing Java EE to Ruby on Rails is like comparing Rolls Royce to Bajaj. Of course they both can cary passengers. But they do not have the same design and they are not in the same class.

NetBeans 6 a smooth upgrade from NetBeans 5.5

In my work I usually use NetBeans 5.5 with GlassFish 1. Actually I wanted to use GlassFish 2. Unfortunately GlassFish 2 is not compatible with NetBeans 5.5.

I know many people in their blogs suggest using GlassFish 2 with NetBeans 5.5.1 or 6.
But I do not want to mess my project setting by upgrading to NetBeans 6.
However many Sun engineers promote NetBeans 6 Preview. David Van Couvering is one of them :

NetBeans 6.0 Preview Release Available
. I had certain respect for Sun engineer (Sun engineer not Sun marketer. He he he.)
So I think what the heck. Let’s try NetBeans 6.0 Preview.

It turns out NetBeans 6.0 is a smooth upgrade from NetBeans 5.5. NetBeans 6.0
do not mess my project setting at all. I can switch my project back and forth
betweeen NetBeans 5.5 and 6 Preview with no problem at all.

Great work. Many thanks to NetBeans team which consists of many Sun engineers.
Of course this does not means NetBeans 6 Preview is ready for prime time.
NetBeans 6 Preview hangs several times at my first use which never happens
with NetBeans 5.5. But overall NetBeans 6 Preview is usable enough for me to do development
and trying out GlassFish 2.