New Year New Office

I am glad that in this new year (2007) I’m in my new office.
In last year (2006) my office is in Bank Danamon Kebun Sirih.
Last year I’m hired by EC2 as technology architect for
Bank Danamon. My previous office is nice enough.
It’s not to far from home and got 1 MB connection to Internet.
However it has certain things I don’t like:

  1. The air condition is too cold. And its centralized
    so I can’t adjust it.
  2. The internet connection is through Squid proxy and
    filtered by a program called WebSense.
    This WebSense is really a nazi minded application.
    I can’t access GMail, I can’t run Yahoo Messenger,
    I can’t access CVS and Subversion.
  3. To access the office you need a card. And they
    only gave 1 card to my 3 person team.

My new office is in Tx Travel
at Ruko Atap Merah, Pecenongan. I have been only 2 weeks at this
office but there is many thing I like in this office:

  1. The air condition is in my room. And I can adjust and turn
    it off when it’s cold enough
  2. They have 2 internet connection Speedy and Centrin.
    They are fast and using NAT. No restriction at all.
    Of course they use firewall but they also
    give me public IP address so I can even run BitTorrent and eMule smoothly.
    Of course I’m not abusing their connections.
    I only download large files after office hours.
  3. My room has door and it’s very quiet here.
    A very productive environment for developing applications.