LDS running stable with GlassFish and Fedora Core 4

Finally my application which is Local Distribution System running very stable.
I do not have to restart GlassFish unless I’m deploying
application update. It once even running one full week
without any restart. Of course due to the current architecture
if there is disturbance in network connectivity
to airline mainframes and we need to change certain configuration
we have to restart. But beside that no restart necessary.

Because my application start a message listener
for every concurrent user it opens many network connections
and use large amount of threads. To handle this
I have set a rather large limit for open files.
I put this lines in my bash profile:

  • ulimit -Hn 100000
  • ulimit -n 100000

I also add the following JVM option in GlassFish:

  • -server
  • -Xms512m
  • -Xmx512m
  • -Xss100k
  • -XX:PermSize=128m

The Xss option is what enables GlassFish to use
an enourmous amount of threads. The PermSize option
used because my application uses a lot of reflection
therefore need large Permanent Generation memory space
in JVM.

Deploying on Fedora Core 4 also make it easier
for me to update the OS. Because Fedora now has
a mirror in my country Indonesia at