Fedora Core and GlassFish

Use Fedora Core and not RedHat Enterprise 3 if you use GlassFish in production environment. In RedHat Enterprise 3 my applications hangs repeatedly
without any explanations at all. This only happens when my applications
stressed. However after I modified the application
several times it’s finally produce spurious error messages. The error
messages mention about “too many open files”.

This leads me to Sun forum where they discussed this bug and
one of the solution is to upgrade the kernel. Bah! Upgrade the kernel?
Well it is better switching to Fedora Core 4 than upgrade
the kernel of RedHat Enterprise 3.

So we plan the downtime,backup our data and reinstall
our production server with Fedora Core 4. This is a very very bold move.
(Courage is one of eXtreme Programming attribute that I have 🙂 ).
This action produce results. Now my applications hangs
faster but they also produce much clearer error messages.
After 3 days fixing the bugs finally my applications runs
faster and smooth

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