Local Distribution System and GlassFish

After one year of hard work from my team at
we finally deliver
Local Distribution System to Gradian Data System company.

This application is a multi-airline reservation system
like Abacus or Sabre. The application is connected
to Mandala and Sriwijaya reservation system which
run on Unisys mainframe.

We developed this system using Tomcat 5, Java 5 and ActiveMQ.
After we release the application in production
using Tomcat 5 and ActiveMQ we found out that we need to be able
to monitor the server log using web browser in
a nicely formatted display. We also need to
monitor some statistic of our application.
So we finally switch using GlassFish.

We found out GlassFish performance is much better than
Tomcat and ActiveMQ. GlassFish runs very stable.
GlassFish also do much more strict checking when
running the application. Code that runs just fine and
just produce infrequent error in Tomcat and ActiveMQ produce
severe error in GlassFish. Because of this we are
able to caught and fix some of our code that leaks memory and
create database deadlock.

To switch to GlassFish from Tomcat and ActiveMQ
we have to adapt our code to GlassFish.
We need to set the security policy of GlassFish,
change our web application deployment descriptor and
IBatis initialisation code.

If you want to try our Local Distribution System
we create a guest user. Just use username gradian with password gradian. You also need to sign in to application
using GSIX9999XX/TA entry. This user can only see
schedule availability but cannot book a seat on the flight.

I believe Local Distribution System is the first
Java application in Indonesia which run on GlassFish
and ready for JEE5. Is anybody in Indonesia
run production Java application in GlassFish?
So correct me if I’m wrong. He he he.

How to run IBatis in GlassFish

IBatis runs just fine in Sun Java System Application Server however
GlassFish has a new feature: on-demand initialization.
This is a good feature however since I create IBatis SqlMapClient in
static constructor IBatis throws exception. Resources class
that I use can’t find IBatis configuration in classpath.

Finally I learn the change needed to run IBatis in GlassFish.
Create Ibatis SqlMapClient in your servlet class.
You also need to set the default class loader of IBatis Resources
class to your servlet class.


After this small change IBatis runs just fine in GlassFish