How to run Tapestry in Sun Java System Application Server

I am currently relearning JEE application servers because in my
current development work I am not using a full JEE stack.
I am only using JMS so I can run my app only using

Currently I am learning Tapestry. So I play around with
it’s sample application: workbench. Workbench deployed
very easily in JBoss, Geronimo and Jonas.

However workbench produced errors when I deploy it on Sun Java System
Application Server. I am interested in Sun application server because
I consider it to be the first commercial JEE app server that change
its license to an Open Source license.

Sun change the license of its application server and release it as
GlassFish Project

After a little bit of debugging I manage to deploy workbench in
Sun application server. It turns out you need to give full permission
to workbench because workbench create its own class loader

You need to put this lines in SunAppInstallDir\domains\domain1\config\server.policy:

grant codeBase

grant codeBase

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