J2ME is harder than J2EE

My company currently developing a J2ME application for our client. To jumpstart the application we are starting from an example from Sun article. It turns out that J2ME is harder than J2EE. For starter my staff type the example in only 3 days but he got the wrong library so the build process fail. It turns out library for J2ME is differently compiled than library for J2EE.

After the build succeed then comes the deployment pain.
The jar that gets build is several hundreds KB in size.
Since we’re not yet experienced in J2ME we consider this to be
perfectly normal (We are experienced in J2EE but not in J2ME).
When we deployed the jar to emulator it deployed
fine but when we run it the application just hang.
Bwa ha ha. I never thought to see Java app hang.

It turns out that we must reduce the size of the
jar by using obfuscation setting. Strange but true.
After setting the obfuscation setting to maximum
the jar that gets build is only 23KB.

The last but not least pain is code in the Sun article is
not complete or correct. After a little thought adding
just one line makes the application run successfuly
in the mobile phone. Time spent for this anoying
deployment details is around 3 weeks while
time spent typing the code and fixing it is only one
week.And the code size is only several pages
in four files.

Truly this experience makes me think that creating J2ME
application is harder than J2EE application and thats
why there is more J2EE developer than J2ME developer.
What do you think? Anyone out there has similar experience?