Javolution: A bitter medicine for Java memory problem

Java has become better and better all the time. Of course it still has many problems.
One of the worst problems of Java is its memory consumption. Java consumes memory like a cookie monster. However I think I found a bitter medicine for Java memory problem. Why a bitter medicine? It will taste very bitter in your mouth. And it will be very painful to use this solution in your application. The solution that I found is Javolution. This is a small library written by Jean-Marie Dautelle. You can download it at http://javolution.org/. This is one of the most painful libraries I have used in an application. Why? The library is very intrusive. You have to inherit from its class and creating your objects through its factory class. But I took this bitter medicine and my application got leaner and faster. Of course the leaner and faster comes after long hours of re-factoring and debugging. In the end my application consumes less memory and yet faster than before.