Recently in http://www.theserverside.com/
there is an ad from DataDirect technologies that says “What You Don’t
Know about JDBC CAN Hurt You”. It seems this ad is not
just hype.

Currently I am developing an end of day/end of month/batch
program for a bank. I usually use 4 database for testing purpose:
DB2, McKoi, MySQL dan MS SQL Server.

After a long time developing and testing using 4
database finally I change my habit and only using DB2 only
sometimes test in other database. Why? Because DB2 is the
fastest on insert and update. MySQL and SQL Server is fast enough
for insert and update but not as fast as DB2.

Few days ago I read announcement in JavaLobby about
a new release of jTDS driver for MS SQL Server and
Sybase. In the announcement they say that this driver
is faster than standard driver from Microsoft.
In the beginning I am sceptical. Can an Open Source driver
beats Commercial driver. Today I test jTDS driver.
It turns out the announcement is true. jTDS JDBC driver is
faster than Microsoft driver. It is so fast that
it beats DB2 for insert and update. And not just fast
it also succesfully run all my unit test which
means the behaviour of the driver is compliant
with JDBC specification.

We can see from this thing that the quality of
JDBC driver can influence application speed. Even though
the speed difference is only 15-25% but if our
application is run for hours like batch process
then 15-25% means time difference between half hour
to several hours.

This is really interesting times. The quality of some Open Source
software (some not all) can beat the quality of Commercial
software. Another fun thing for me is the compilation
of this driver from source is very easy

But the most important thing is in the README of this
driver the developer explain honestly which features are stable
and which features are not stable.
In the future Microsoft may release a faster driver
than jTDS however they may not be as honest as
jTDS developers. 🙂

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