Is Jakarta Apache going to be bigger than Sun?

In order to be able to compile Tomcat from
Jakarta project
I have to download many Jakarta Commons libraries.
This day I try to compile XML-RPC from

Apache Web Service project
. Therefore I have to
download more libraries from Jakarta Commons

Finally I am interested in study more about this
libraries from Jakarta Commons. It seems this
libraries realy make many programming task become
easier. The design from some of this libraries is very good
and much more easy to use than library from J2SE.

If more people using libraries from Jakarta Commons
then we can say less people used J2SE libaries.
This reduced Sun influence on the future direction of
Java. Is Jakarta Apache going to be bigger than Sun?
Anything is possible

Who knows maybe in year 2005 people at Jakarta Apache
will have dispute with Sun then they will make their
own JVM and SDK. If this happens then Java future will
become more secure.

Viva Java: The island I live and the programming
language I use. Indonesian Government should
make Java as its national programming language.

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