Velocity and Tapestry

While I’m rewriting my personal application (Bible Reader Software) I want to use Tapestry. Tapestry according to my personal opinion is one of the best web application framework. But in the end I did not use Tapestry and back to using servlet, Velocity and POJO

Why? Because if I use Tapestry then it is very difficult or take a very long time for me to implement the features I want.

There are features that I want that are difficult to implement using Tapestry. These features can be implemented using Tapestry but difficult because I am a newbie in using Tapestry.

These features are:

1. Table layout that descending then horizontal

2. URL that can be easily traced by search engine, robot and web downloader.

My research shows me that two features above can only be implemented by writing component and engine inherited from Tapestry component and engine. So these features need deep knowledge of how Tapestry works. Because I am a newbie in using Tapestry this will take a long learning time. Finally I decided to write my application using only servlet, Velocity and POJO only. First and second feature implemented by me in only 2 days.

This experience shows that familiar tools that we know deeply can give a much more productive result that an unfamiliar tools, no matter how good that tools. Of course if these two
features implemented using Tapestry then these features become components that can be reused at other application. My own method although gives fast result but need the traditional technique of copy-paste-modify to be reused.

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