I'm living in Java

Well everyone in jroller.com use Java (This web site built using Java). However not everyone here living in Java. In case your wondering I’m referring to the real Java. Java is a beautiful island in Indonesia. Indonesia is a nation composed of many island in South East Asia.

I’m living in Java. Not only I program in Java and drinking Java, I’m also living in Java. Cool eh? Well it’s not that cool. As an island in the equator Java climate tend to be hot. We only experience two seasons here: dry season and raining season. If balanced both of these seasons provide great fertility to our island. If not balanced these brought disaster. A prolonged dry season made the rice fields dried up and can’t be harvested. A prolonged rain season delays rice planting and reduce yields at harvest.

Bahasa Indonesia is our country national language. Although I am fluent in reading, writing and thinking in English because of my profession I usually only speaks in Bahasa Indonesia. You can read more about me in http://www.sfranklyn.com/.

Indonesia my country is in the midst of political transition from dictatorship to democracy. We have managed to do our first democratic general election. Now we are facing the second democratic general election since the fall of Soeharto regime. The second general election will be held at 2004. I think thats it for now. If you want to know anything about Indonesia, Java island or me just ask in comments. Thanks for reading.

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